Baltimore Sun: no MacWorld NYC 2003; no Jobs keynote; 40% drop in exhibitors

“This summer, for the first time since Steve Jobs returned to Apple Computer Inc., the chief executive will not deliver a keynote at the Macworld New York industry show.”

“In fact, not only will the annual July trade show lack Jobs, it won’t even have the same name. IDG World Expo, which organizes the event, has rechristened it “Create,” while recalibrating the show to appeal specifically to such creative professionals as Web page designers and graphic artists.”

“Apple still will have a booth at the show, but the number of companies exhibiting will drop to about 150 this year, from 245 last year. The emphasis will shift to expert speakers and educational seminars.”

“As distressing as this news may come to frequent attendees of the July Macworld show, particularly those who aren’t creative professionals, a close look at Apple’s recent relationship with the trade shows indicates the change should come as no surprise,” reports David Zeiler for the Baltimore Sun. Full article here.


  1. I live in NYC and this city is in financial trouble. The “big attack” cost the city a lot of money, lost jobs, much less tourist hurt the business’ that serve them, big corporations have moved out of state, city services have been cut back and of course we are all waiting for the “second shoe to drop”. Apple has the right to not continue with the expos here and you may not think one less trade show makes a difference but every event cancellation will affect the city. Bad timing Apple.

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