Easily (and quickly) create professional interactive QuickTime content with eZediaQTI

eZediaQTI is a cross-platform QuickTime authoring utility for creating Internet content and movies. Users can combine and enhance video, graphics, animation, sound, VRs and text to rapidly develop Web sites, banner ads, online presentations and interactive videos. No programming or scripting knowledge required.

We tested eZediaQTI version 1.0.1 with a simple goal in mind; to create an interactive QuickTime movie with our own “skin” and movie control buttons that also contained our logo linked to our website. And we wanted to do it quickly!

After using Photoshop to design our “skin” and a few custom buttons for play/pause, stop, and a small logo for the website link, we fired up eZediaQTI. No instruction manual was used in this review. All we did was watch a simple, short video, eZediaQTI Basics on the eZedia website first.

We imported our movie (edited in iMovie 3), our “skin” (a metallic background), our control buttons, and the logo we wanted users to click to visit our website. We arranged the movie over our “skin,” lined up the play/pause and stop buttons and the website logo. Then we simply used the application’s intuitive controls to assign the appropriate actions to the control buttons and add a website link to the logo.

Less than 15 minutes after installing the program we had a Quicktime movie with our own custom skin and control buttons and also contained our logo linked to our website. Installed on a vintage PowerBook G4/400 with 768MB RAM running Mac OS X 10.2.4, eZediaQTI was rock-solid throughout our test; importing, saving, and exporting without a hiccup. We do wish Command-H would hide the application, instead of bringing up the program’s “Object Size” dialog box, but aside from that rather minor quibble, we recommend eZediaQTI wholeheartedly.

If you want to easily create professional interactive QuickTime movies with your own unique “look” that contain hooks to other movies and media, eZediaQTI is a great choice. And the online eZedia training section is excellent.

eZediaQTI is $99 retail. The eZediaQTI Demo is available for download here and is limited to exporting a QuickTime movie containing a maximum of 5 objects, across a maximum of 5 frames. For more information, visit eZedia’s website here.

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