Apple WWDC changes setting stage for PowerPC 970 (G5) announcement?

Apple’s decision to postpone its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from mid-May to mid-June is prompting speculation that the reason may be PowerPC 970-related.

“It’s important to note that WWDC is also moving venue, to the far swankier and media-friendly San Francisco Moscone centre. San Jose Convention Center is where the IT industry talks to members of their own tribe; the Moscone is where they go to reach a wider audience.”

“…Developers would have undoubtedly been given a glimpse of Panther at a May WWDC and received a copy into the bargain. No one expects previews to be complete or of ship quality, so while the provision of a ‘more complete preview release’ is nice, it’s hardly a good reason to move location. Everyone will get a copy of Panther, says Apple.”

“Could Apple have something more exciting in mind? A very tempting answer is IBM’s 64-bit PowerPC 970 chip. Certainly the rumour mill has it that IBM’s Peter Sandon, the guy who unveiled the chip at last autumn’s Microprocessor Forum, will be called on stage to demo the processor. Even if his presence – assuming he’ll be there, of course – isn’t connected to a specific hardware announcement, it would be tantamount to Apple admitting it will be using the new processor, something it has refused to discuss to date,” reports Tony Smith for The Register. Full article here.

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