Adobe prefers (and promotes) PCs over Macs

Adobe has posted a page on the site, “PC Preferred” stating:

“In the July 2002 issue of Digital Producer Magazine, Charlie White reported on a head-to-head duel between a single-processor Dell 2.53GHz Pentium 4 – the Dell Precision Workstation 340 – and the fastest Macintosh then available – a 1GHz dual-processor G4. The contest compared renderings of files created in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop software that are typical to the video post-production workflow. The graphs below show some of the results, which were consistent. While the computers used in this study are no longer the fastest in their respective classes, the information is still valid. The PC outperformed the similar Macintosh machine, at an impressive rate.”

They fail to mention that Mac OS X does not run on a PC.

Comments can be directed to Adobe here.

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  1. Adobe started out on the Mac platform & they have made a TON of money on the Mac user base. I’ll bet you all those people buying e-machines & $599 HP’s from Wal-Mart spend a lot of money buying Adobe software.
    If the ingrates at Adobe want to cast their fate with WinTel, then goodbye & good-riddance.

  2. I reckon this is because Adobe is pissed off about Final Cut Pro – the emphasis on video post-production gives it away. By saying that a PC is better for video work than a Mac, they are in effect saying Adobe’s software is better than FCP, as the latter doesn’t run on a PC. Note that this is most certainly NOT my opinion, but is the opinion I believe Adobe want the people who read this article to form.

  3. Dont get into a tissy, most of us with any sense have known that the g4 has been getting its butt kicked by intel! This not a secret. This is why apple had to resort to 2 cpu’s and still is getting wooped. Hopefully a 970 will correct this. But how long will it be until apple has this on the shelf. That is the real question.

  4. Basically Adobe software has become crap….anyone actually try and use Illustrator 10 on OS X? Photoshop? GoLive? SLLOOOOWWWWWW and buggy as hell. And PDF for hi-res output? It crashes rips running Adobe’s own PostScript, and you would think they would at least get that right.

    For similar work FCP whumps not only the Fisher-Price level Premiere but Avid Express. Now this is a comparison I’d like to see.

    So this only makes PC weenies feel better about using 2nd rate software on 2nd rate hardware.

  5. My prediction, if Adobe leaves the Mac platform. They’ll shortly be on the scrapheap of history that many software giants share space on, or will become pretty much irrelevant.

    Ashton Tate.
    And in a few more minutes, Corel.

  6. Jim, your benchmark claims are on the Apple website, do you honestly think any vendor will post a benchmark result that will work against their favor?

    Adobe is a neutral company, and so any benchmark comparisons between platforms will be more accurate than those on either Intel/AMD’s or Apple’s. However, I am quite surprised that they actually have something like that on their website. I mean, afterall, it’s a software company and they shouldn’t really be promoting any “Prefered Platform” thingy at all.

    About the Mac community, if you’ve read my previous posts, I WAS actually going to switch to the Mac platform. But last week, I got my brand new AMD Athlon machine with WindowsXP and am perfectly happy with it. I would have switched, but not with the following reasons:

    – Mac’s seriously lacking on games (& games hardware). Come on, still using the Quake III benchmark? That’s so “2000”.
    – Windows may be inferior, but being a programmer, I’ll just have to spend a little more time programming my own customized programs.
    – ** I have been spending the last month reading stuff in Mac forums, and personally, I think you guys are really sore losers. Almost every single article has a user-response trying COMPARING Mac to Windows, and trying to diss Windows as much as possible. You don’t see this kind of thing (often) in a Windows forum.

    Bottom line is, Mac Hardware is lacking. Windows software is flawed. And nothing will ever improve unless y’all shut up and work on it.

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