WeatherPop Advance updated

Are you bleary eyed from staring into bright white phosphor all day? You can be in touch with what it?s like outside right now. Let the current conditions and temperature in your menu bar serve as a gentle reminder to get outside, go for a walk, and stop working so hard.

Just type the city in which you live (if the app finds more than one match, it?ll show you a list to choose from), and the current conditions will update every fifteen minutes in your menu bar. WeatherPop will also remember the last five locations you have selected.

What’s New in this Version:
– Fixed problem with negative temperatures in forecasts
– Fixed problems with forecasts that mention elevation
– Canadian cities from several sources now map together correctly
– Added failover support — if bad data is detected, try another source
– Added zip-code checking in the New Location dialog box

More info here.

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