Fax or email directly from Mac OS X print dialog with Page Sender

Fax or E-mail anything you can print, directly from the print dialog. Page Sender can also receive faxes using your fax modem and automate sending & receiving faxes.

Page Sender Features:
– Send faxes and (PDF) E-mails directly from the print dialog
– Receive faxes using your fax modem
– Print, E-mail, and even AppleScript received faxes
Use with any popular address book or E-mail client
– Live addressing with Address Book (10.2), Entourage, Now Contact, and Outlook Express
– Attach additional PDF documents when faxing
– Use any font on your system (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
– Send faxes easily via eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, or MaxEmail services
– Automate sending of faxes and (PDF) E-mails via AppleScript

What’s New in this Version
– Folders (in, out, sent, trash, user-defined archive folders)
– Printable fax history
– French localization
– Sent fax actions (in the Send pane of Page Sender Fax Center preferences)
– Dial x for extension (e.g. x1234) disables Smart Dialing
– Dates & times respect settings in System Preferences
– Fixed problems sending to >20 recipients on single machine
– Fixed problems receiving from Brother-branded fax machines
– Fixed comma-escaping in drag & drop vCards

Moe info and download link here.


  1. This is a great app. A must have for anyone who faxes using their computer. Incoming faxes are automatically converted to PDF format which makes them super easy to distribute, save and archive. I run 3 small businesses for my boss and I can have my database and 3 different cover letters all at my fingertips. When dealing with 20+ page legal docs, paperless is the way to go.

    This app along with my scanner – I don’t even have a ‘regular” fax machine and while on vacation, this little app forwards faxes to me by email (talk about not being tied to the desk!)

    I’ve been running this app for quite some time now without a single problem. It’s never missed a fax or crashed!

  2. I just purchased this software today and I can confidently say it is the best of breed on the Mac platform. I have tried them all and up until now have pined for my old Global Village Fax setup.

    These guys have done a very elegant job of PDF document creation and Address Book integration. It is nice to see a developer cater to a niche that so sorely needed a reliable solution. And, get this, I emailed a question and got an answer back in 15 mins. Terrific product supported by a great team!

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