Add a Valentine folder to your Mac

The “Smoothicons 5” icon set includes 96 icons, one of which is a folder icon stamped with a heart. Sure, it’s a nice substitute for your Favorites folder, but this time of the year, you could also use it to keep your Valentine’s Day emails, flower orders, iPhoto picture books, and more inside!

Okay, so it’s a stretch, but “Smoothicons 5” is a very nice, complete icon set, too! Get it here. “World of Aqua Folders” here also contains a nice potential “Valentine’s” folder.

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting a custom folder icon:

1) Select a file or folder that has the icon you want to use.
2) Press Command-I to bring up the Get Info inspector panel.
3) Click on the icon once. You should see a gray border around the icon (see figure.)
4) Press Command-C to copy the icon.
5) Select the file or folder that you want to customize.
7) Press Command-I to bring up another Get Info inspector panel.
8) Click on the icon once. You should see a gray border around the icon
9) Press Command-V to paste the new icon.
10) Close the Get Info inspector windows.

That’s it!

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