Mac gamer publisher MacSoft sold

Infogrames, Inc., a global publisher of interactive games, announced today that it has sold its Macintosh publishing operations, MacSoft, to Destineer, Inc. Under the terms of the deal, Destineer has acquired from Infogrames all rights to the MacSoft brand and all MacSoft-branded existing products and products under development, as well as first rights to publish Macintosh versions of future Infogrames’ products. The majority of Infogrames’ MacSoft employees will join Destineer immediately. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are focusing our attention on our biggest growth areas: PC and video games,” said Paul Rinde, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Infogrames’ Minneapolis studio, which included the MacSoft label. “Destineer’s excellent track record in publishing Macintosh games makes it an ideal company to publish current and future Infogrames’ titles for Macintosh systems.”

Infogrames acquired MacSoft as a part of the Minneapolis-based The WizardWorks Group, Inc. in 1999. The Company has been a major force in the Macintosh games business for more than nine years.

Destineer’s website can be found here.

The “Bold by Destineer” site is here.

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