Dell follows Apple’s lead; places ‘store-within-a-store’ in Sears

It seems that following Apple’s lead has become a way of life for Dell CEO Michael Dell:

“Direct-sales champion Dell Computer Corp. (DELL), after soaring in the 1990s by selling PCs on the phone and over the Internet, is also courting old-line retailers by offering to pay for floor space and launching trials of a Dell store-within-a-store with big-name chains, Thursday’s Wall Street Journal reported… Wednesday, Dell launched a trial with retail company Sears, Roebuck & Co. (S), opening the first of about 10 stores-within-a-store in Austin, Texas, according to John Hamlin, a Dell senior vice president… Best Buy Co., the largest U.S. consumer electronics retailer, spurned Dell’s overtures. A Best Buy spokeswoman confirms that an approach was made, and says the company considers Dell a competitor,” reports Wall Street Journal Staff Reporters Gary McWilliams, Miho Inada and Ann Zimmerman.

Full article here.


  1. Gee, Dell is a bit late on this one, aren’t they? I wonder if “Big Mike” has ever really had an original thought? Oh well, I wonder if he realizes he has become a “lemming”, like the Apple 85 ad? Oh well, thanks to Dell, I became a Mac user, so more power to him. Maybe he will be more successful than Gateway is with retail. But Sears is probably the last place I would think of for computers these days! Can you imagine asking a sears associate about XP, or Vram? Not in my city anyhow, no offense to Sears Employees implied…

  2. Mikey is teaming full of ‘innovatiativitiness’.

    As soon as the ‘Cupertino R&D lab’ comes-up with something new, he goes on and ‘innovates’ it – for the WinPC Crowd!

    Speaking of Sears, didn’t they just recently drop out of sell the Atati ST line?

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