Xserve starting to find acceptance in enterprise

According to one industry analyst, Apple stands to benefit from the combination of more independent software vendors (ISVs) rolling out enterprise applications for Xserve and the current anti-Microsoft climate. ‘There are a lot of forces in the anti-Microsoft camp and Apple is another good alternative. And for the enterprise, IT managers are looking for the kind of support that Sybase can provide. They offer more structure than Linux can supply,’ said Jim Johnson, chairman of he Standish Group in West Yarmouth , Mass. Currently, Apple has approximately 3.5 percent market share among desktop users but well under 1 percent in the server market, largely due to the fact that Xserve was introduced late last year, said…

Phil Bonesteele, WebDNA’s director of product development and professional services said the company has always supported Apple but the addition of OS X erver makes it far easier to create Web services. ‘In the course of the last year we have seen that Apple is taking a growing proportion of our new sales,’ said.

Will Apple be a significant player in the enterprise? Many analysts argue it is unlikely, but Apple partners dealing with enterprise customers have a different perspective. ProVar, one of Apple’s only enterprise specialist VARs that deal with large publishing, new media and entertainment companies, said OS X erver is on a roll. After receiving single unit sale orders by companies that just wanted to kick the tires, the company now receives orders for multiple units in the 20s and 100s. ‘We are getting into accounts that would never look at a Mac before this. It is a breakthrough product for Apple for two reasons: the OS is Unix based, and number two because the server form factor is appealing a 1U rack mount server RAID 5 built in,’ said Wiley Corbett, CEO of ProVar in Greenville, NC,” reports Ephraim Schwartz for InfoWorld. Full story here.


  1. This is beautiful! Content, wether good or bad, is king. It is a source of revenue for decades in rights alone. Apple will roll out the number one music label with its upcoming online service. This is a good thing.

    Again it doesn’t really matter wther a song sucks or not, in the long run it will make money. Rights for commercials, movies, TV, and remakes — a very good buy – If you own the content you make the rules, and the money.

  2. “walking out” – you can’t really walk out unless you’re willing to risk a breach of contract lawsuit – of course, anything is possible but the reasons you listed for not getting involved in the business could apply to anything in work and even life (like marriage) so you’re right – anything bad can happen no matter what you do but is that any reason not to something? Because it might be hard and the odds against you?

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