Opera looks like Safari’s first Mac browser casualty

“Opera Software expressed significant doubts it would continue producing a browser for the Macintosh operating system, illustrating a growing problem for third-party Mac developers as Apple Computer steps up its own application development efforts. Opera, based in Oslo, Norway, on Tuesday released Opera 7, its first final version of a newly rewritten browser. As usual, the company released a browser for Windows before making available versions for other operating systems. But this time, the company did not set a date for a Macintosh release, and instead questioned whether one would be forthcoming at all. The reason? Apple’s own launch of its Safari browser at Macworld in San Francisco earlier this month. Safari, now out in a test or “beta” version, is based on the open-source browser project KHTML. KHTML is part of the K Desktop Environment, an open-source graphical interface for Unix workstations. ‘I’m not a quitter, and our company isn’t a quitter, but it really is up to Apple,’ said Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive of privately held Opera. ‘The Mac platform may not be viable for us any longer.’ Specifically, Tetzchner said that he had asked Apple whether it would be willing to license Opera either to replace KHTML, or to supplement the current Safari version, which Apple said is a stripped-down affair with a minimalist interface and limited feature set,” reports Paul Festa for ZDNet. Full article here.


  1. I might actually be disappointed about this, if Opera didn’t SUCK SO BAD in the first place. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They made a craptastic browser and Mac users have rightfully stayed away from it in droves.

  2. I question there reason for possibly dropping their Mac version. If this was the real reason then they would not be releasing windows versions. Does not MS release IE for windows? Plus MS also releases IE for Mac. Seems like its ok for one company to release a browser for their OS but it’s not ok for the other company to release a browser for their OS. A number of companys like this make a product for the Mac and then say they will drop their product when Apple comes out with a compatible product. Maybe if they made a high quality product then Apple would not feel the need to come out with their own. If you make a crappy product stay on the “pot” and don’t complain when someelse releases a much better product.

  3. 1) Opera Costs $, Safari is FREE for the taking.
    2) Opera support for Mac is an afterthought. Apple puts Safari front & center.
    3) Safari is and will be all the browser most of us need.
    4) If Opera can make a better browser, then why haven’t they up until now?
    5) If their business model is based upon people paying for something available for FREE-IE on WINTEL & Safari on Mac, they are in DEEP Sh#t.

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