Apple’s lack of focus is killing the company

So writes Russ McGuire, the online director of Business Reform Magazine, in a commentary for Beginning with, “Apple Computers [sic] is back in its classic form: introducing lots of really cool technology products and losing money,” through, “…it took no time flat for the iPod team to introduce a version of the product that worked well with PCs running Windows operating systems. This single move may create a whole new broad class of Apple fans who can enjoy the company’s brilliance without being bound by the market limitations of the Apple computer platform,” and ending with, “Apple should be great. And profitable. Instead, the seeds of brilliance keep getting choked out by the weeds of commodity products. Now is the time to clear away the strangle-vines and sow success in the company’s fertile soil,” we wanted you to read it and tell us what you think. Full commentary here.


  1. Other than calling the company everything but its right name “Apple Computer, Inc.” when attempting to use the full company name, that aside, Russ McGuire shows an common mistake made by lay-people, but one that should be avoided by a true journalist, and that’s basing an article upon myths. He seems to have actually held a Wintel-version iPod for a few minutes and compared it to his “beliefs” of Apple’s other hardware and software. Anyone having sat in front of any iMac to do any level of serious work, would realize that the iMac with its OS X and suite of iAps is just as revolutionary as the iPod. They all share an ease of use with aps that would be complex (or impossible) on any other platform, as well as a high level of reliability. In short, “It just works!” For Mr. McGuire to believe that Apple’s computers have a “market limitation” and do not reflect the “company’s brilliance” has obviously never sat at one for any length of time. I offer Mr. McGuire, on his Wintel box, to go to (I doubt he can even view it) copy and paste the first article in its original Arabic into an email and send it to himself. Now, go to an Apple store, an do the same thing. Besides an Apple doing it flawlessly, it takes an Apple-virgin much less time to figure it out and do it. Us Apple folk are quite accustomed to the myths that surround us. We have learned to nod politely as we are content within ourselves to be using technology that the MS OS users won’t know for another 5 years… if ever. Did someone say OVER ONE MILLION downloads in 12 days of Apple’s new browser, “Safari”? …still in BETA?! According to some numbers, that’s 500,000 less IE users. Yea…. no one uses a Mac… right!

  2. This article is correct on the ipod but everything else is pure garbage. I think this person has never used OSX for any time on a new mac. If he had he would know that OSX blows away windows with ease of use and functionality. Apples iapp’s for lack of a better term are fantastic. I now use a digital camera thanks to iphoto and it didnt take a manual or year to figure it out. It just works and is intuitive. Everything is so sweet and easy to use and there is no comparison with the wintel software. Hardware has been a little different story with the fiasco of motorolas inability and yet put a mac next to a wintel machine, one is artwork and the other is just another boring box computer with no soul. Apple’s computers have no limitations and are awsome. I think this will be more evident then ever this year with what is rumored to be coming. How many awards have they and their macs won. Maybe because the author couldnt get software for a Mac at his local walmart where he bought his wintel machine he thinks they are limited. He is so wrong. The only limitation is that not every tom ,dick, and harry can make a Mac unlike the wintel platform where we all can build our own boring boxes, buy bill gates sorry software and presto! we are now computer makers! He really needs to think different ! Just cause most people use windows dont mean they are better. Buy cheap you usually get cheap enough said.

  3. Stick to the bible bud, your article leaves no doubt that you don’t know jack about Apple. If you check it, every one is on the down side earnings wise, because of the economy, duh. Maybe thats why you’ve had so many jobs, your in the wrong field, or are you just trolling because you think Apple is the devils work and your doing your part to rid the world of it? What a waste of skin.

  4. If you ever look at hewlett packard, they make computers, scanners, printers, handhelds, cameras, and some crappy software. Will you ever see Russ McGuire talk about Hewlett Packard the way he talks about Apple? If HP can broaden their horizons, hwy couldn’t Apple? It seems to me he just wants Apple to cahnge their name. It’s like, if they’re Apple Computer and they make anything besides computers, they’re going to hell. If they were just Apple, then it would be ok. Make sense? What an idiot.

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