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Welcome to MacDailyNews’ live coverage of Steve Jobs MacWorld Expo Keynote from San Francisco’s Moscone Center. This page will be continually updated throughout the keynote presentation which starts at 9AM PST. Please use the “Reader Feedback” section below for your comments.

• End of Keynote.
• Jobs closes with, “Apple is really leading this industry in innovation. Thank you.
• Jobs recaps announcments. “So I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you read,” Jobs.
• Jobs thanks Apple employees.
• Jobs showing new TV ads. 12″ and 17″ PowerBook ads, one standard ad, one featuring Mimi Me and Yao Ming (7 foot 5 inch NBA basketball player) on a plane. Big guy has the small PowerBook, Mini me has the 17″ PowerBook which look gigantic on his lap…
• Jobs shows video of new PowerBooks in action with Phil Schiller and Jonathon Ive…
• One more thing… Jobs introduces the 12″ PowerBook. Smallest PowerBook ever. “Japan will love it,” MacDailyNews comment. Slot-load drive, “really, really tiny,” Jobs. 867 MHz G4, GeForce 420 Go, 32MB graphics memory, Dual display capable, Bluetooth, Airport Extreme-ready (module costs $99) 1024×768 screen. Retail price is $1799. Ships in two weeks. Can build to order with SuperDrive for $1999. “This is clearly going to be the year of the notebook for Apple, ” Jobs.
• 17″ PowerBook uses Lithuim Prismatic batteries for 4.5 hour battery life, 1GHz G4, 512MB RAM standard, SuperDrive, Bluetooth, FireWire 2, an nVidia 64MB GPU, boots only into Mac OS X. QuickBooks bundles ($299 value). New 17″ PowerBook costs $3299 retail. Shipping in February.
• New Airport Extreme Base Station features wireless bridging for multiple base stations and features USB printing to be shares with network. Retails for $199.
• Jobs, “802.11a is doomed to failure – not compatitble… we waited for 802.11g, so that it works with 802.11g access points,” Jobs. Built-into the PowerBook – antennas now in the screen for Airport. New 17″ PowerBook range now equals the iBook’s.
• USB, FireWire400, FireWire800, Gigabit Ethernet, S-Video, DVI, 2nd USB port, PC Card slor, Line-in, and headphone jacks. Fetaures Bluetooth. “The most wirelessly-equipped laptop in the world,” Jobs. Airport built-in. Apple pioneered 802.11b (Airport) wireless devices. Apple intros “Airport Extreme” 54 Mbs. 802.11g.
• 6.8 lbs (large screen) features ambient light sensors to control keyboard backlighting. Made of aircraft-quality aluminum. SuperDrive. FireWire 800…
• Apple announces new 17″ PowerBook using the same screen as the 17″ iMac (with a thinner backlight). It is only 1″ thick – slightly thinner than TiBook. It features a wide-screen 1440×900 display and a 16:10 aspect ratio.
• “I asked you to buckle up before, now put on your shoulder harnesses,” Jobs…
• Keynote only runs on Jaguar. $99 retail. Keynote is available starting today. Jobs gives entire auditorium a free copy of Keynote.
• Keynote imports and exports PowerPoint files. It also exports to PDF and QuickTime. Open file format – XML based.
• Keynote includes several transitions that run through OpenGL and Quartz graphics to facilitate 3-D spins, rotations, cubes, etc.
• Keynote includes 12 professional-looking themes (“like you’ve got an entire graphics department working day and night for you,” Jobs) and lets users easily build charts and graphs.
• Keynote supports full Alpha Channel graphics and includes over 100 images.
• Another brand new app. “Keynote.” “A presentation app for when your presentation really counts,” Jobs. “Keynote” was built for Steve Jobs. Jobs demos the application. The beta tester was Steve Jobs. All of his Keynotes in 2002 were done using Keynote. “Microsoft is twice as unhappy now,” MacDailyNews comment.
• Free download today – beta release of Safari. “Go get your copy,” Jobs.
• Safari is based on standards. Open source. Based on Khtml rendering engine that is open source. Apple has been improving this source for over a year. “We think open source is great and we will post all of our improvements online today,” Jobs. Only works on Jaguar.
• Safari has a bug button for reporting bad sites that don;t work/render properly. To help Apple make Safari work on as many sites as possible. Safari is 2X faster in Javascript than MS IE. “Most innovative browser,” Jobs.
• “Bookmarks” not “Favorites.” Nice.
• Bookmarks in Safari – when added to the Bookmarks Bar presents user with ability to shorten the name…
• Jobs demos Safari. Launches in less than a second…
• Safair has Google integrated into the button bar. New way of doing Bookmarks. According to research most people don’t use the bookmark/favorite features of browsers. Brushed metal appearance of Safari. “Most innovative browser we know of,” says Jobs.
• Safari rendering is 3X faster than MS IE on the Mac. “Microsoft is not happy,” MacDailyNews comment.
• Safari = turbo browser for Mac OS X. “We have done our own browser,” says Jobs. “Fastest Browser on the Mac. Period.”
• iLife available Sat. Jan 25th (bundled with all new Macs) includes iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, and iTunes. iMove, iTune, and iPhoto free downloads. $49 boxed version for all four apps.
• 5-pack of Apple DVD media for $14.99. “We are so far ahead of anybod, it’s not funny,” says Jobs.
• Demo of iDVD continues…
• Reality Distortion Field permeating facility… In a good way, so far…
• 24 new themes in iDVD 3.
• iDVD 3 Announced. 635,000 versions of iDVD distributed to date. Jobs showing iDVD 3…
• iMovie 3 doesn’t take over the screen like previous versions did.
• No exporting from iMove to get movie into iDVD – instant transistion into integrated iDVD. The Cahpters you set in iMovie work as DVD Chapters in iDVD.
• Jobs demos the “Ken Burn Effects” that let iMovie editors pan and zoom still photos like a Ken Burns’ documentary. Very elegant UI – easy to set up nice “camera moves” with KB Effect.
• iMovie 3 features precise audio editing. Jobs executing demo of some movies…
• iMovie – 12 million copies distributed. Announces iMovie 3 – fully integrated with iTunes, iDVD, and iPhoto – adds Chapters (that work with iDVD) and still photograph importing and Apple has implemented “Ken Burns Effect” which lets you pan still photos to create the feeling of motion.
• iPhoto 2 has something like Photoshop 7’s “healing brush” called “Retouch Brush” – cleans up blemishes, lens dirt, etc. on photos…
• iPhoto 2 demo – can burn photos to DVD and CD. Features full integration with iTunes.
• Jobs shows iTunes 3, iPhoto 2…
• Jobs – Apple is integrating iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD into one package…
• Jobs – “you want to use your music in your slideshows and movies and DVDs…”
• Final Cut Pro – most popular (units sold) pro video editing package. Express like FCP, but for consumers. The two apps share the same file format. FC Express will retail for $299.
• Phil Schiller, Apple’s Director of World Wide Marketing continuing demo of Final Cut Express – real-time, software-only effects and transistions…
• Final Cut Express – over 200 effects and transitions. iMovie projects can be imported.
• Demo of Final Cut Express. Same interface as FCP.
• Starting today, Jobs announced, all new products will be incapable of booting into Mac OS 9
• Apple has shipped over 400,000 iPods. It’s #1 MP3 player in the US and Japan. Has a 42% marketshare in Japan.
• .Mac has over 250,000 subscribers. Jobs mentions in passing that there was outrage at the beginning, but it’s now growing in acceptance.
• Jobs announces Snowboard maker Burton will sell a special iPod-enabled Jacket with iPod holder sleeve and controls on the sleeve. Special for Apple Store during this season only for US$499.
• Jobs reviewing retail stores (51 so far).
• Jobs takes stage – “Good morning.”
• Keynote to begin shortly…
• People still streaming into hall, photographers snapping pictures of nothing much…


  1. Please take away the horrible little flashing ad (Winner) during this coverage, it’s nearly impossible to read with that thing “strobeing” on the side.


  2. I hope you boys at MacDailyNews can type fast because it looks like your readers are going to have to rely on you, for the time being, to update everyone on what’s happening. Can’t wait to find out what happened to QT streaming.

  3. Thanks so much to MDN for the text updates. I’m, in Mac geek turmoil since I’m not getting the stream. It’s usually posted later for us to access…correct?

  4. Freaking fiasco. Thanks for not allowing TechTV to broadcast the keynote live, Steve. At least then I would be able to see it in real time. This keynote webcast execution, if not the concept itself, is a total and utter joke. Completely unwatchable.

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