Secret Jaguar 10.2.3 feature: Drag and Drop Printing

One nice feature of Jaguar 10.2.3 that you may not know about is Drag and Drop Printing. “Don’t believe it? Drag a document to the Print Center icon and just watch what happens.

Depending on the application in which the document was created, it’ll either be launched and you’ll be greeted with a Print dialog box, or it will simply print the document to your default or last selected printer without any further intervention on your part.

Yes, it works quite similar[ly] to the way it functions under the Classic Mac OS when you drag and drop a document on a desktop printer icon. Devoted Mac OS 9 users should be delighted. To make the resemblance even closer, go ahead and make an alias to Print Center and place it on the desktop, or just drag the icon to the Dock to keep it there. The feature works in precisely the same fashion regardless which option you choose.

Even better, if you drag a folder to Print Center, it’ll print a list of its contents. It’s not quite the same as printing a Finder window, and the results aren’t always is neat as they should be, but it’s close enough for jazz,” reports The Mac Night Owl. Read the full story here.

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