Apple releases ‘IP over FireWire Preview Release’ for download

“All Apple computers sold today include one or more FireWire ports. Because FireWire can transfer data at up to 400 megabits/second, it is suitable for networking and clustering solutions, as well as temporary connections to the internet using Internet Sharing. Now the IP over FireWire Preview Release adds support for using the Internet Protocol – commonly known as TCP/IP – over FireWire. With this software installed, Macintosh computers and other devices can use existing IP protocols and services over FireWire, including AFP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc. In all cases, Rendezvous can be used if desired for configuration, name resolution, and discovery. The preview release adds a new Kernel Extension that hooks into the existing network services architecture. Using the existing Network Preferences Pane, users can add FireWire as their IP network node to connect and communicate between two machines,” according to Apple.

More information and download links for this PREVIEW (use care) release here.

Note: FireWire has a cable length limit of fifteen feet (4.5 meters). Longer runs will require the use of a FireWire repeater, for example the MacAlly FH-110 FireWire Repeater which, for US$39 (SRP), will double the cable run to 30 feet. For each repeater you add, you can extend your distance by fifteen feet.

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