RUMOR: Apple iClassic coming in January

Low End Mac is postulating that Apple may soon release what they are calling the “iClassic.” According to Low End Mac, “The iClassic will be a small footprint model somewhat reminiscent of the iMac and somewhat reminiscent of the cult classic Colour Classic II. It will also hark back to models such as the Quadra/Performa/LC 630 in offering dedicated expansion slots for things like video. The iClassic will include onboard nVidia GeForce4 MX with 32 MB of video RAM (the same video used in the Power Mac G4 dual 867), the same 800 MHz G4 that will be standard in the low-end G4 iMac and eMac come January, and the fastest CD-ROM Apple has ever put into any computer. The iClassic will only boot Mac OS X, a standard feature for all 2003 models.” And the iClassic will also boast a “12 inch CRT display, ” according to LEM. They even go so far as to provide a tentative price list complete with SKU numbers for the iClassic and add-on accessories. Read it here.

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