InfoWorld columnist switches to Mac while retaining anti-Mac bias

As if the rest of the “Switchers” are switching under some extreme duress, InfoWorld columnist Tom Yager describes how he switched to Mac “by choice.” Whatever. Subtle bias aside, this is an interesting read. We guess Tom is still stunned, blinking in the bright light and hasn’t yet shed his misplaced anti-Mac attitude completely. Tom writes, “I have continued to use the PowerBook G4 by choice. I hadn’t reached for my ThinkPad again until I wrote a feature on notebooks, when I opened the ThinkPad, checked the model number, and closed it again. Without realizing it, I had switched. Maybe Apple’s campaign isn’t so ludicrous after all.” Yeah, maybe. We don’t like Tom much… by choice. Still we applaud him for finally seeing the light. It’s weird to read of someone who’s so new to switching that they love their Mac while still actually having a great deal of their anti-Mac bias intact. Read it here.

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