Local paper reports on Apple retail store opening

We’re always interested to see how local media outlets treat Apple and the Macintosh. In this case, the Towson Times reports on the opening of Apple’s Towson Town Center in Maryland. Reporter Bob Allen treats his readers to a refreshingly even-handed, unbiased article about the opening, Apple, and the Macintosh. Allen writes, “Apple computers’ foray into retail store sales has found its way into Maryland with the opening of the Apple Computer Inc. gallery/store in Towson Town Center earlier this month. The word ‘gallery,’ as opposed to ‘display room,’ is in order here. The store is done up with minimal furnishings and a futuristic white decor: white walls, white ceilings, white displays and off-white hardwood floors… In the last five months, Apple has opened 41 more stores, including the Towson shop… One big thematic selling point that runs through many of Apple’s advertisements and promotional material is the ease of using Mac products. ‘People come in here all the time and try things out. Then look at me like _,’ Reinsmith laughs as he screws up his face and narrows his eyes in an expression of mock suspicion. ‘They’ll say: ‘You mean I can do all that with one click?'” Read the article here.

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