Speed up your Mac OS X productivity with MenuStrip

MenuStrip is a multi-purpose utility for Mac OS X that allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume, monitor resolution, and color depth, right from the OS X menubar. In version 2.5 MenuStrip has now become a System Preference Pane instead of a seperate application.

Features such as the ‘Hide All’ and ‘Single App Mode’ functions greatly improve productivity under OS X. MenuStrip is also extensible through its plugin architecture which allows future development of useful utilities that can be quickly accessible and always avaliable in the menu bar.

The AppSwitcher Menu displays a menu of all currently running applications similar to the Mac OS 9 application menu. The selected application is brought to the front. The icons of applications that are hidden are dimmed so they can be easily identified. This is very useful used in conjunction with the Hide All and Single App Mode buttons. More information and download links here.

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