“Since departing Apple in 2012, Scott Forstall has shifted his focus primarily to Broadway production,” Chance Miller writes for 9to5Mac. “Every so often, however, Forstall takes time in an interview to reference his days as an Apple software VP.”

On Tuesday, “video from an episode of Philosophy Talk – entitled ‘The Creative Life’ – was shared on YouTube,” Miller writes. “In the interview, Scott Forstall is asked about working for Steve Jobs and how that relationship affected creativity. ”

“Co-host Ken Taylor pointed to Jobs’ reputation as a ‘brutally honest man’ and asked Forstall how creativity was able to thrive in such an environment. The former Apple executive explained that Apple was always 100 percent committed to an idea,” Miller writes. “For his part in fostering creativity, Forstall explained that after finishing a release of Mac OS X, he would allow his team to have one month to work on whatever they wanted. After this month was over, everyone would present their creations to Forstall. One such presentation was for a 10-foot interface – which ultimately led to the creation of the Apple TV.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ignore the hosts’ introduction bit about how Forstall “invented the iPhone and the iPad.” He helped. A lot, but as part of a team led by Steve Jobs, who, if you’re going to credit one person, actually invented the iPhone and the iPad because he’s the one person who was required in order for iPhone and iPad to exist today.

Anyway, Forstall starts off right away with something interesting:

Creating a Broadway show is incredibly similar to creating a tech startup. – Scott Forstall