“Good news for fans of getting stuff fast — all of us, then — because a new version of wifi is just around the corner,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “Wi-Fi 6 is going to be better than current wifi in every regard, and the body behind it just published a paper extolling its virtues, emphasizing that, yes, we will still need good old wifi internet connections even after 5G arrives.”

“But isn’t 5G going to negate the need for wifi? Won’t its arrival have our home routers dolefully gathering dust in the corner?” Nield writes. “Well, not quite.”

“While the Wi-Fi Alliance does of course have a vested interest in the tech its whole existence is based around, the Future of Connectivity paper it’s put out does make some valid points about Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and how all these wireless standards are going to live together happily in 2019 and beyond,” Nield writes. “When it comes to Wi-Fi 6 vs 5G, it’s not really an either or situation — they’re both likely to end up being widely used in the years to come. As is the case now, the cellular tech will probably continue to be more frequently used in the outdoors at a large scale, while wifi will probably still be of most use indoors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We shall see how it all pans out. If 5G fulfills its promise and you can get a good 5G signal inside where and when you need it, we can see it supplanting Wi-Fi usage to some degree.