“If it hasn’t happened to you already, then some day you’re going to lose an iOS app that’s been taken off the app store, and Apple’s choices along the way may stop you from getting it back,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Try looking on the bright side for a moment. For years everyone has been telling you to back up your iPhone to your Mac and you’ve never bothered. Now you don’t have to — but that’s because as of macOS Mojave, there’s just no point. ”

“So let’s take a moment to applaud how Apple has made iCloud backups better over the years,” Gallagher writes. “There is no longer any discernible difference between the two and that’s because Apple has removed the single greatest reason to back up to your Mac… It’s the backups we miss.”

“You can see their logic. Any of us can search the App Store and when we find an app we’ve previously bought, it’s shown to us with an iCloud download icon instead of the price or a Get button. Click on that and the app redownloads,” Gallagher writes. “[The problem is that] Apple removes apps from the App Store. Permanently… There is a solution: third-party app iMazing will let you manage your new and old apps on your Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know who’s really pissed? That guy, yes, that guy, who bought the “I Am Rich” app and then lost it forever because he didn’t back it up!

Don’t be that guy!

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