Multiple U.S. presidential campaign failure Ralph Nader “in a new interview, says Apple could have spent its cash pile on hiring, on pensions, or on stepped-up recycling programs, rather than on stock buybacks,” Stephen Silver reports for AppleInsider. “”

“Nader began by criticizing Apple for executing its $100 billion stock buyback in May without asking shareholders their opinion beforehand,” Silver reports. “‘It could have been used to increase employees,’ Nader said. “It could have been used to shore up the pension fund. It could have been used — two percent of it to double the income of the serf laborers, 1.3 million Chinese laborers in the contractor that builds the iPhones.”

Silver reports, “Nader continued. “‘It could have been put in productive investment, it could have been put in research and development. It could have been sent to cash dividends, back to the shareholders. But no.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It could’ve been used to bottle unicorn farts which could’ve then been used to launch pies into skies all around the planet. But no.

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