“The latest version of macOS Mojave includes some beautiful new wallpapers of desert scenery, flowers, and abstractions, but you don’t need to install macOS Mojave beta or be running macOS Mojave to be able to enjoy the lovely images,” OS X Daily reports.

“The images are available at a very large 5120 × 2880 pixel resolution, making them beautiful on just about any screen you can think of regardless of display resolution or pixel density,” OS X Daily reports. “Load the full images by clicking any of the thumbnail images, the full-size image will open in a new web browser window. Once the image loads in full, you can save it to an iPhone, iPad, save it to the Mac or PC, or if you’re using Safari on a Mac you can set a picture as the Mac wallpaper directly from Safari.”

OS X Daily reports, “Alternatively, you can also download the wallpapers as a zip file from Dropbox if you’d rather have all of them together.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some of these are very cool and look great on iPhone X’s OLED display, too!

Interns: Tap BOTH of those kegs! It’s trillion-dollar weekend!

Prost, everyone!