“It’s Friday,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “You’re a few hours away from your weekend and you probably have a lot to get through, so here’s a small collection of tips that should help you get things done a little faster.”

“I repeat this in every collection because it’s so useful: Tap Command-Space whenever you want to find something on your Mac. Tap Command-Space whenever you want to get a currency conversion or a quick sum. Tap Command-Space to open an application. Tap it, and then start typing the item, currency, sum or application name. You should see it appear in the Spotlight search window you just opened,” Evans writes. “Select it (if it isn’t already selected) and hit Return (or take a note of the answer to your question which you should see in the bar). Simple. Fast. Effective.”

MacDailyNews Take: We hate Command-Space as we often invoke it while typing quickly. To disable it: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Spotlight and uncheck the box for “Show Spotlight Search ⌘Space.”

“If you find you copy and paste between documents, websites and other sources of information then you probably get a little riled that the Mac’s default behavior is to paste the text with all the formatting (including URL’s) intact. It can mess up the appearance of the document you’ve spent the rest of the week working on, and means you have to spend time fixing the problem,” Evans writes. “It really doesn’t need to be this way – you can make a small change in System Preferences so that whenever you paste something into any good app, the formatting will default to what is used in the destination document.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some of these might that some relearning/retraining, but there’re bound to be one or two that you could use to boost your Mac productvity!