“By 8:30 am, I had already picked up my iPhone X 59 times last Monday, or about once a minute since I started working that day according to Screen Time, a new feature expected in Apple’s iOS 12 to track how you use your iPhone,” Lauren Barack writes for GearBrain. “By Sunday morning, I had brought the average down to 100 times a day. And even that number made my anxious. As dependent as I am on screens, discovering I had my head bent down over a digital device that often was an eye-opener.”

“Anyone running the developer version of iOS 12 can try Screen Time now. The app is part digital clock, part control center, and allows you to keep tabs on every detail down to the minute of how you use your iPhone,” Barack writes. “You can also set limits within the app, to have the device send a warning , and cut you off after a set amount of time on social media, news applications, or anything you want.”

“The fact that I was picking up my iPhone nearly once a minute made me so worried, I started thinking differently about my device. I would stop myself from looking at it, and hesitate as my hand reached,” Barack writes. “By Tuesday I had reduced the number of times I picked up the device to just 67 times before 2 pm — horrible, I still thought, but certainly a significant drop per hour. By the end of the week my average was down to just three times an hour.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lauren obviously doesn’t wear an Apple Watch.