“Verizon is launching a new service plan today called Above Unlimited, which is the third unlimited plan the carrier currently offers,” Jacob Kastrenakes writes for The Verge.

“As the presence of three ‘unlimited’ plans might indicate, none of these plans really offer unlimited data, but Above Unlimited at least offers the most not-unlimited data out of the three plans: you’re only subject to throttling after using 75GB of data a month, or 20GB of usage as a hot spot,” Kastrenakes writes. “After those limits, your plan is subject to throttling ‘in times of congestion’ until your allotment resets.”

“The new plan starts at $95 per month for a single line,” Kastrenakes writes. “That’s $10 more than the Beyond Unlimited Plan, which offers 22GB of data and 15GB of hot spot usage before throttling, and $20 more than Go Unlimited…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As original iPhone owners, we vaguely remember having an “Actual Unlimited” plan. Those days are long gone (having switched to Verizon as soon as they finally got the iPhone).

On, BTW: Some enterprising ambulance chaser should sue Verizon for false advertising.