“Discussions of a CPU consuming process, called ‘mshelper,’ have surfaced on the Apple support forums and Reddit,” Jay Vrijenhoek writes for Intego. “Users mentioned their fans spinning unusually fast, computers running hotter than usual and performance taking a hit as a result of the mshelper process. Upon further investigation, this process turns out to be a cryptominer for macOS. Intego VirusBarrier detects and eradicates this malware as OSX/mshelper.”

“This isn’t the first time unwanted cryptomining malware have been found running on Macs—and likely won’t be the last time either,” Vrijenhoek writes. “You may recall a recent Intego YouTube video in which we discuss how to avoid cryptomining malware and protect your Mac. The video explains how you can tell if your Mac is infected, such as high CPU usage, and outlines steps you can take to remove persistent cryptomining malware.”

“If you find mshelper running on your Mac, you’ll want to remove it immediately to avoid further system degradation,” Vrijenhoek writes. “Here’s how the mshelper cryptominer works and how to remove it from your system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’ve got “mshelper,” follow Intego’s instructions to get rid of it. It’s not helping anybody except the criminals stealing your CPU cycles.

How to remove Mac cryptominer malware ‘mshelper’ that kills your battery and CPU – May 24, 2018