“New Mac cryptominer malware, dubbed ‘mshelper,’ is in the news, with many affected customers flocking to Reddit and Apple Support Communities to gain more information and learn how to remove malicious code from an infected system,” Christian Zibreg reports for iDownloadBlog.

“Cryptojacking is designed to mine cryptocurrency on your computer without your knowledge, which can often push your Mac’s CPU to overwork itself and hog other resources,” Zibreg reports. “The payload appears to be delivered via modified downloads such as the Adobe Flash installer.”

“Until Apple adds ‘mshelper’ to macOS’s Quarantine blacklist, you will need to manually detect and remove this malware from your system,” Zibreg reports. “As noted by MalwareBytes, even though this particular malware won’t steal or delete your data, it will make using your computer a pain. Due to high CPU usage, the computer will become unresponsive, run slowly and may crawl to a halt. Because the CPU is fully utilized, your Mac notebook’s fan may kick into overdrive as well. If your Mac is getting a little warmer and louder for no apparent reason, it may be infected with ‘mshelper.’ Here’s how to check if ‘mshelper’ has infected your system and how to remove it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: if you’ve got “mshelper,” nuke it. It’s not helping anybody except the criminals stealing your CPU cycles.