“In an interview with CNBC in October 1997, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked about returning to the company he founded after being ousted,” Meg Teckman-Fullard reports for CNBC. “‘I very much want to see Apple get turned around. And I think it’s going to. So I don’t know how much more committed I could be,’ Jobs said.”

“After founding Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976, Steve Jobs was forced out of the company in September 1985. He went on to found another computer company, NeXT, which Apple acquired in February 1997, bringing Jobs back as interim chief before he took on the role permanently,” Teckman-Fullard reports. “Within the next decade, under his leadership, Apple released the iconic iMac, iPod and iPhone.”

“When this interview was recorded, Apple’s stock price was only $0.78 per share,” Teckman-Fullard reports. “It’s now the most valuable company in the world, worth more than $800 billion.”

Watch the 11:28 video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sigh.

If you do the right things on the top line, the bottom line will follow… If you get the right strategy, if you have the right people, and if you have the right culture at your company, you’ll do the right products, you’ll do the right marketing, you’ll do the right things logistically in manufacturing and distribution; and, if you all those things right, the bottom line will follow. — Steve Jobs