“Nearly one year after the discovery of a macOS Trojan, identified as OSX/Snake, Apple has issued an update to its XProtect malware definitions to provide rudimentary protection against this Mac threat,” Derek Erwin reports for Intego. “This update brings Apple’s Malware Removal Tool (MRT.app) to version 1.32, and detects the macOS Snake variant as OSX.4e36ae6. Apple also added detection for a piece of malware it identifies as OSX.127eaa6.”

“In early May 2017, security researchers discovered that malware known by the names Snake, Turla, and Uroburos was ported from Windows to Mac,” Erwin reports. “The Mac version of the malware was found inside a compromised Abode Flash Player installer or embedded in compromised torrent files posing as legitimate software.

Erwin writes, “This offers a fresh reminder that you should steer clear of BitTorrent as these sites are a malware cesspool.”

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MacDailyNews Take: XProtect to the rescue… belatedly!

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