“When Albert Salvador, Cupertino’s building official, visited Apple’s new spaceship building last year, he worried that people would walk into the cafeteria’s glass walls because they couldn’t distinguish them from the equally clear automatic doors,” Wendy Lee reports for The San Francisco Chronicle. “After he brought up the issue, a contractor walked straight into the glass. He would not be the last.”

The Chronicle found at least three incidents in a review of 911 audio and incident reports obtained from Santa Clara County in a public records request,” Lee reports. “Three people suffered head injuries, including a middle-aged man who hit his head so hard against a glass window that he was bleeding on his eyebrow and expected to have stitches, according to 911 audio.”

“Salvador and Dirk Mattern with the Santa Clara County Fire Department said they raised concerns about the glass doors of the cafeteria, a highlight of the spaceship building, during a visit to Apple Park nine months ago. State building code requires that doors be identifiable. They were talking with one contractor when another walked into a glass wall, both men said,” Lee reports. “After Salvador and Mattern brought up the glass issue, Foster and Partners placed black rectangular stickers with rounded corners on the glass panes, Salvador said. The stickers were placed in the cafeteria before Salvador gave his Dec. 30 approval for Apple employees to begin moving into the main building.”

“The stickers were effective in preventing people from running into glass, he said,” Lee reports. “After Jan. 4, there were no other incidents in which emergency services were called to treat people running into the glass.”

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“On January 2nd, 2018, area 911 services fielded two separate calls regarding distracted Apple workers who slammed into glass walls, as well as another two days later,” Tom McKay reports for Gizmodo. “All three of the injured happened to be men. In the second incident, the person in question conked into the wall hard enough that on-site medical personnel deemed he was likely to need stitches.”

Read the 911 transcripts here.

MacDailyNews Take: Black rectangular stickers with rounded corners are nice, but these – of which Apple must have plenty – would be cooler:

Apple stickers

Apple Park has one flaw: Employees keep walking face-first into the clear glass panes – February 16, 2018