“The number one question a lot of you guys and girls ask me specifically about the Apple Watch is “How do I play podcasts on my Apple Watch?” Brian Tong says in a CNET video.

“Apple doesn’t have a podcast app for the Apple Watch, believe that? Yeah, it’s true,” Tong says. “So we’ve seen a few apps out there, but they’re limited because of Apple’s restrictions on third-party developers. But really, the one that just dropped and is really worth checking out is called Outcast.”

Tong says, “Now it’s $0.99, and really what makes it special is that you can use your Apple Watch Series 3 LTE or Wi-Fi connection, either one, and directly download podcasts to this watch.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Outcast is currently the best option for playing podcasts on your Apple Watch.

More info about and download link for Outcast here.