“Jim Cramer, CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host and resident ‘booyah’ button pusher, isn’t exactly known for measured takes on the stock market,” Shawn Langlois reports for MarketWatch. “And Thursday morning, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average in full retreat, certainly was no different.”

Langlois reports, “The former hedge-fund manager blamed a ‘group of complete morons’ trading leveraged volatility products for ‘blowing up’ everything.”

“While he didn’t call them out by name, he could have been referring to that guy on Reddit who lost $4 million playing the XIV,” Langlois reports. “Or maybe that former Target manager who is trying to recoup his losses by placing a $600,000 bet against volatility.”

What bothers me is the people who have never looked at a stock and don’t know how to analyze it [are] out in full force today. They’ve never been better about not knowing anything about the stocks… They got it all figured out. – Jim Cramer

Watch Cramer’s full rant here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

“They’ve never been better about not knowing anything.” Gotta love it!

Profit from the painfully gullible.MacDailyNews, December 26, 2017