“With the door to 2017 firmly closed, as we look back at Apple CarPlay over the past year, I think we can all agree it has ‘slowly’ continued to evolve,” CarPlay Life writes.

“The highlights in 2017 included the first wireless CarPlay stereo receiver from Alpine, which after much delay, finally released in July. The first factory vehicle with wireless CarPlay support also rolled out of BMW’s showroom,” CarPlay Life writes. “A small number of manufacturers yet to feature CarPlay jumped onboard with their first Apple CarPlay supported vehicles, along with the first CarPlay-enabled motorcycle from Honda.”

“Those stuck with a single-DIN where happy in 2017 when Pioneer announced the first single-DIN receiver with CarPlay support. Apple continued to evolve their iOS software with the release of iOS 11, which brought speed limits and lane guidance features in its Maps app and badge notifications on apps in the side dock,” CarPlay Life writes. “Looking back though, CarPlay hasn’t taken the leap we all wish from Apple’s in-car platform. In 2018 however, I hope this year will be a better year for Apple CarPlay. What could Apple improve CarPlay in 2018? Let’s look into our crystal ball…”

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