“The Third Impression of a product can only be formed after a few weeks of quotidian use,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. “With regard to product reviews: I don’t get “review units” set up and fine-tuned by company staff; I put my own money at risk. I don’t have to bob to their rhythm so I can be invited to next season’s dance, and I don’t have to rush for fear of being scooped by a competitor.”

“Apple’s Face ID isn’t perfect, but, in my experience, it’s more reliable than Touch ID,” Gassée writes. “More important, I saw how my spouse, a normal, non-geek user took to Face ID. Set up was much easier than Touch ID’s lengthy, detailed registering of fingers. As my spouse’s tech ‘chauffeur,’ I hear about it when things fail to obey; I have yet to hear a discouraging word about Face ID.”

“Yes, the notch cuts into the screen real estate, but it’s more than made up by the removal of the physical Home button (and surrounding plastic). This is new, and, momentarily, alarming: You have to learn new sliding moves and multitasking gestures,” Gassée writes. “But once learned, your fingers quickly forget their old patterns. Again, I watch how my better half took to the Home button disappearance: I see and hear nothing. It Just Works™, as Jobs liked to say.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.

Apple’s iPhone X

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MacDailyNews Take: The notch is what it is. You know it’s suboptimal and that Apple agrees by simply taking a screenshot with an iPhone X: No notch. Apple’s screenshot reveals not only the portion of the screen occluded by the notch (it’s really a flap), but also their wish that it didn’t exist and their intention to someday make it so.

Apple simply had no better answer at this time. And, no, you don’t forget about the notch. It’s always there. So, we’ll live with it. That’s not a thing we usually have to say with the best Apple products, but there it is, a “we’ll live with it” with one of the very best products Apple has ever made. The positives of iPhone X more than make up for the negatives of the notch by a wide margin.

You can have our iPhone X units when you pry them out of our cold, dead hands.