“The new taller and narrower iPhone X display can often fit more content on one screen while reading, browsing, or using many default apps,” Daniel P. writes for Phone Arena. “When it comes to watching video, though, the advantage shifts significantly to the cheaper iPhones that Apple came up with this season. Since the iPhone X has a quirky 19.5:9 display aspect ratio, it either blackbars regular formats that, say, form the vast majority of YouTube videos, or clips some stuff out when zoomed-to-fill in compatibility mode.”

“The usable area of the iPhone X display is akin to a standard ratio phone with 5.4″ diagonal, which is about what the 8 Plus offers,” Daniel writes. “If you want to see a standard definition video in its entirety, though, the iPhone X’s usable area shrinks to the one of a standard aspect phone with a 5″ diagonal or so – only 12% higher than the iPhone 8, in fact, and 16% less than what the 8 Plus has to offer as screen area while watching video.”

Daniel writes, “If the movie or TV series are shot in the 2:1 Univisium format, though, the power shifts to iPhone X, yet these are still few and far between (sigh, Kevin Spacey all but killed House of Cards).”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Notch giveth and the Notch taketh away.