Rosenblatt: Apple iPhone X production ahead of schedule, estimates 15 million units sold to date

“Rosenblatt China Technology analyst, Jun Zhang, reiterated his Buy rating on shares of Apple and believes that iPhone X production increased to 3 million units/week and could increase to 4 million units/week in December,” StreetInsider reports.

“The analyst also believes that iPhone X sell through remained solid through Black Friday with 15 million units sold so far including 6 million iPhone X during the Black Friday season,” StreetInsider reports. “Demand for the 256GB model appears to be twice that of the 64GB model which would be a positive for ASP and gross margin as well as units.”

StreetInsider reports, “The firm is increasing December quarter iPhone X shipment estimates from 27-28 million to 30 million units and reduced their March quarter estimates from 45 million to 40 million units.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is due for a very Merry Christmas indeed! And a Happy Chinese New Year, too!


  1. If they’re ahead of schedule, then why are they still not offering the SIM FREE model? Those of us who only subscribe to free, nearly free or NO carriers (iPhone X Super iPod touch) still can’t buy any of the new iPhones which all require very expensive ($50 or more) monthly charges.😖

  2. “The firm is increasing December quarter iPhone X shipment estimates from 27-28 million to 30 million units and reduced their March quarter estimates from 45 million to 40 million units.”

    Historically Apple’s March quarter revenue drops 24% (6 year average) from December quarter results. Because of continued exceptional strength in iPhone X demand, especially the 256MB model, I don’t see a decline greater than 15%.

    I was in an ATT Store yesterday where I was advised that iPhone X 256MB is, by far, their #1 seller. They pointed out that on a 24 month installment plan (upgradeable in 12 months) the monthly cost difference between the iPhone X 64GB and the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is less than $8.75.

    With the iPhone X you get the former 4.7″ case size, with a 5.8″ screen.

    It is the relatively small monthly price difference between the two examples that is driving the X sales.

  3. So Apple should end up with a substantial revenue bump in their fiscal first quarter and a strong YoY increase in revenue and profit. However, more iPhone X sales in this quarter will lead to fewer sales in subsequent quarters because early demand will be better satisfied. Even so, the second quarter still seems likely to produce record revenue/profits from the iPhone X super cycle.

    As we progress through 2018 and approach the release of the next iPhone models, it will be interesting to watch the sales trends into 2019 and 2020. My guess is that we will see a repeat of the iPhone 6 super cycle, with sales declining a bit after the big 2017/2018 surge. After all, these devices are fairly expensive and many people will tend to hang onto them for two or three years before considering an upgrade. That is not a negative observation, simply a realistic one. After a massive surge in unit sales, it is natural to expect a bit of a lull to follow. Apple will still bring in strong revenue and profits, but this quarter will likely stand as the record for the next couple of years unless Apple yanks some more product magic out of its labs.

    1. Just don’t expect any substantial gains in share price for the rest of the year. Apple isn’t a FANG stock. Wall Street is already greatly concerned that Apple’s stock price will stall despite likely high iPhone X sales. The “too far, too fast rule” is in effect for Apple. You won’t see that call for any FANG stocks. Apple shareholders are basically screwed as the negative news continues to spew for Apple.

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