“Face ID is one of the iPhone X’s best features, and we’ll see every other company in the industry copy it in the coming years,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “Face ID has no rival in the mobile business right now, but things will change come next year when more smartphone makers will utilize 3D sensors in depth-sensing face recognition modules.”

“But you might be using Face ID wrong, and it’s time you fixed it,” Smith writes. “‘The Face Unlock, it works. But the process is not something that I consider to be enjoyable,’ Hilsenteger says before showing the Face ID malfunction incident from the iPhone X announcement event. Of course this is BS and we all know why that happened. It’s a security feature, but he fails to explain it, giving the false impression that Face ID won’t work when you’re looking at it.”

Smith writes, “It seems to me that Hilsenteger is missing the forest for the trees in his anti-iPhone X review when dismissing Face ID.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Face ID on iPhone X is consistently fast and reliable. Anyone who says otherwise has never really used it or has a very rare defective unit.