“Apple wants to bring some of that excitement back to the iPhone of 2017, rebuilding the App Store from the ground up,” Alex Hern writes for The Guardian. “Gone is the focus on lists of top sellers, replaced with the new App (and Game) of the Day. The entries are drawn from across the spectrum, from huge developers with large marketing budgets to small utilities made by indie teams. The apps aren’t freebies – Apple expects you to be enthused enough to drop real money on the downloads.”‘

“So I did. For a month, I grabbed them all: from those laser targeted at me (productivity app Bear, and password manager 1Password, so good I already own it) to those laser targeted away from me (female fitness app Sweat, pregnancy guide The Wonder Weeks),” Hern writes. “My first surprise was rather more prosaic: it turns out it’s actually really expensive to buy apps every day.”

I also discovered that “there’s still life in apps. I haven’t even touched on a few of my other favourites from the first month, from detailed Apple Watch data-miner HeartWatch to auto-journaling app Memento, magic photo editor Retouch to password-manager-so-good-I’ve-already-been-using it-for-five-years 1Password. They’re not all new, obviously, but there are enough for me to realise I’ve been missing out,” Hern writes. “My stagnant habits meant I wasn’t getting the most out of my smartphone. For want of the odd £2 here and there, a device that costs many hundreds of times that was being wasted…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Take some time to peruse the best of the App Store. If you haven’t recently, it’s very likely you’re missing out on something that could be very useful/enjoyable to you!