“Apple is one of the world’s most valuable and richest firms. On the surface, this has been largely attributed to the success of the iPhone, but digging deeper, it is fundamentally owed to Apple’s stubborn obsession with user-friendly human-computer interaction,” Carsten Sørensen writes for the London School of Economics. “Design thinking and user experience (UX) are now trendy concerns for many organisations – including Apple’s competitor Samsung – but it has always been at Apple’s core.”

“Apple’s untiring attention to the user experience (UX) was a defining factor in positioning the smartphone as a dominant consumer technology,” Sørensen writes. “The iPhone gestures focused on dynamic finger movements with the bouncing of lists, and tapping, dragging, pinching, sliding and rotating has now become an integral part of the smartphone experience, irrespective of manufacturer and operating system.”

“The iOS story is one of new phones enabling new services through new sensors, new integration of other platforms, and new devices, such as TV-boxes, tablet computers, smart watches, home automation support, and voice-activated entertainment devices,” Sørensen writes. “In this light, the iPhone X is an essential part of Apple’s strategy to forge deeper relationships between developers and consumers built upon this core device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s the ecosystem, stupid.