“A fancy new iPhone’s as good a reason as any to bring a big upgrade to Apple’s free music production service, GarageBand,” Brian Heater reports for TechCrunch. “The iOS version of the app is getting a slew of updates for 2.3, starting with a layout optimized for the iPhone X’s 458 ppi display.”

“The biggest bit of news for today’s free upgrade, however, is the addition of Sound Library — a long awaited feature that finally makes GarageBand’s instrument selection much more dynamic,” Heater reports. “It’s essentially an app store located within the app, wherein you can can download additional Sound Packs — which are either instruments or groupings of instruments like ‘Percussionists’ or ‘Rock Drummers.'”

Heater reports, “Today’s download brings a number of new instrument offerings into the fold, including Beat Sequencer, a new way to create electronic and old school hip-hop beats in a glowing neon interface that takes a page out of the instruction manual of classic drum machines like Roland’s 808.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tying in nicely to Apple Music’s very first documentary, 808: The Movie.

Apple Music’s first exclusive documentary is a paean to Roland’s legendary TR-808 – December 10, 2016