“Demand for the iPhone X has been ‘off the charts,’ according to Apple, which led to the new device selling out in a matter of minutes,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “Because of the scarcity of the hotly anticipated device, sellers have been scalping their pre-order confirmations on eBay, hoping to cash in on consumer demand.”

“According to the latest figures from eBay, there were more than 1,200 listings posted on its site within 45 minutes of the pre-sales opening at 12 midnight PT today,” Perez reports. “We ran an ‘iPhone X’ search now, and found more than 4,480 live listings, the majority being ‘Buy It Now’ offers instead of auctions.”

“While it’s too soon to say what the average selling price is — that will require more sales data over a longer period of time to be accurate — eBay says most of the listings appear to be in the $1,500 price range… (The $1,500 price range appears to apply to the 64GB iPhone X, from what we’re seeing.),” Perez reports. “eBay will continue to track iPhone X sales over the weekend, and we’ll update if and when the company has more data to share.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Supply always comes on the heels of demand. — Robert Collier

Apple iPhone X offers top $60,000 on eBay – October 27, 2017