“When ransomeware strikes, it’s hard not to panic,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “A ransomeware attack may cause your Mac to shut down and then restart into a lock screen. A message appears, demanding ransom to provide a six-digit unlock code, which can’t be bypassed. This can occur even with two-factor authentication enabled.”

“Crackers appear to be making use of passwords from other sites that have had password breaches in the past—and iCloud accountholders re-use those passwords with their iCloud account,” Fleishman writes. “With Find My Mac enabled and your password, a criminal can log into iCloud.com and use Find My Mac (even without confirming with a second factor) to put your Mac into Lock mode with a six-digit code they create. Lock mode restarts a Mac into Recovery and locks out a normal boot.”

Fleishman writes, “I recommend the following.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do not pay the ransom. Use unique passwords for evert site and service. Don’t reuse passwords!