“We have High Sierra (macOS 10.13) NVIDIA web drivers. As of yesterday, we have a new version of CUDA (9.0.214) that works under High Sierra,” Rob Morgan writes for Bare Feats.

“But we were saddened when we could NOT run Pascal NVIDIA GPUs in an eGPU box,” Morgan writes. “But our sadness turned to joy when MacVidCards sent us a TITAN Xp whose ROM enables eGPU on both High Sierra and Windows 10. It even allows boot screens and boot volume selection. We are back in CUDA ‘land.'”

“eing able to run Windows 10 in a Boot Camp partition and access that external NVIDIA GPU is another welcome performance option, especially for hard-core gamers who want to run DirectX based games that typically run faster than under macOS and OpenGL,” Morgan writes. “Even bandwdth constricted by an eGPU the Windows 10 versions of Tomb Raider and X-Plane blow away both Mac Pros running macOS.”

Read more, and see all of the benchmark results, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ta-da! It works!

NVIDIA to release Pascal drivers for macOS – April 7, 2017