Never-before-seen photos show iPhone X and empty Steve Jobs Theater before September event

“Apple’s iPhone X release date is just around the corner, with preorders set to begin on October 27th ahead of the phone’s November 3rd launch,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“Hardcore Apple fans couldn’t possibly be more excited to get their hands on Apple’s first redesigned iPhone since 2014,” Epstein reports. “The iPhone X is our first glimpse at the future of Apple’s iPhone lineup and it’s packed with new features and new technologies that have never been available before on any smartphone, let alone an iPhone.”

“All that excitement began with Apple’s big iPhone X announcement event,” Epstein reports. “Now, a new set of photos has surfaced that show the iPhone X and Steve Jobs Theater like you’ve never seen them before… A user on Reddit just posted an album of photos that were captured by an unnamed friend. This friend presumably works at Apple, considering the fact that he or she had access to Steve Jobs Theater long before last month’s event started.”

Read more, and see selected photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The photos have been removed from Reddit, but are available on Imgur here.


    1. I don’t think it’s bland at all. Just look at the picture taken from inside looking out. It’s as if the ceiling is being held up by only the glass. There aren’t any support beams of any kind. Amazing architecture. You might want to get some better glasses DavGreg.

      1. It is flat, lifeless and stark.
        I used to do photography for a living back.

        The engineering is impressive, but as art, it is vacuous.

        This is just a quick example- not great art, but shows what is missing.

        There is no contrasting color, texture or geometry to balance anything- it’s just flat. A star chamber.

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