“‘Day 1’ might be a stretch,” Richie Davis reports for The Greenfield Recorder. “But Philip Elmer was there on ‘Day 2,’ he says, writing about Apple Inc. before there was a Mac, which became the seed for what would become today’s technological and corporate behemoth.”

“Relaxing in socks and jeans with a MacBook Air in his lap and iPhone close at hand, having just finished today’s Apple 3.0 blog, Elmer — whose byline still reads Elmer-DeWitt — is perched in his Chestnut Hill living room reflecting back a half-century to when he and Margo Jones, with whom he reconnected and married in May, took a computer class together while seniors at Lexington High School,” Davis reports. “Through his years as a reporter and then editor at Time and Fortune magazines, there’s been a modest change of focus — with computing, technology and science in general and Apple’s mystique at its core. He retired last year to launch his independent blog. ‘This is a lot of fun,’ says the 67-year-old blogger, who moved to Greenfield in 2014. ‘I get up every day and I’m really eager, because I don’t know what I’m going to write about. I try to figure out what’s hot, what story interests me. It’s a nice game, and I play it every morning, and usually by noon, I’m done.'”

“When he first met Steve Jobs in 1982, recalls Elmer, he was still promoting his Lisa computer but was already turning his attention to the Macintosh,” Davis reports. “The year after Mac’s 1984 release, Jobs was fired in an in-house power struggle, and Elmer remembers visiting him at his next venture, NeXT, ‘But you could tell it was never going to be as big a market as Apple. I believed in the mouse and the click. I remember in the early days when the Mac came out, people who used PCs sneered at the mice, like it was for kids.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s to a continued long, happy, and productive retirement for P.E.D.!

His Apple 3.0 blog is here: https://ped30.com