“Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty and her team talk Apple today, writing that investors may be underestimating the iPhone and Apple Watch demand,” Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s.

“So what does this mean for carriers, retailers, and Apple’s supply chain?” Rivas reports. “Huberty writes that Apple’s new lineup of products is good for T-Mobile, mixed for suppliers, and not so great for stores.”

“Fewer respondents to the Morgan Stanley survey plan to purchase smartphones from big box stores, and the firm thinks that this is mixed for Best Buy in the near-term but likely a long-term negative,” Rivas reports. “At least for the third and fourth quarters, weaker in-store demand could be offset by higher ASPs and Watch sales.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Katy Huberty’s right. There’re these things called the Internet, FedEx, UPS…

iPhone preorders long ago dramatically reduced visible queues during first weekend sales. We preorder them online and they arrive at our doorsteps on release day. It’s not difficult to comprehend. It’s been this way for years.MacDailyNews, September 26, 2017