“With all the talk about the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X and other ginormous phones, it’s easy to forget that not everybody wants a big screen,” Rick Broida reports for CNET. “Indeed, some users prefer the pocket-friendliness of a smaller model, to say nothing of the ease of operating it with one hand.”

“For that crowd, Apple offers the iPhone SE, which packs the guts of an iPhone 6S into the case of an iPhone 5S. Of course, this being Apple, smaller doesn’t mean cheaper: The iPhone SE starts at $349,” Broida reports. “Not today. For a limited time, Walmart has the iPhone SE (32GB) for Straight Talk for $129 shipped (plus tax). That link will take you to the Space Gray version; it’s also available in Rose Gold. Apple charges $349 for the exact same phone.”

“Straight Talk is Walmart’s Tracfone-powered house brand,” Broida reports. “Because it taps both GSM and CDMA networks, it promises coverage in pretty much every corner of the [U.S.]. Can the iPhone be unlocked for use with other carriers? Answer: yes, but only after you’ve been a paid Straight Talk customer for 12 months.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Walfart also has the 32GB iPhone 6 for $200 off or just $199. Same 12-month Straight Talk deal.

These deals are perfect for fragmandroid cheapskates who yearn for a taste of the good life.