“Enthusiasts of all types always have that one special obsession. For muscle car people, maybe it’s one particular year of Ford Mustang,” Stephen Hackett writes for MacStories. “Photographers always have a favorite lens, while baseball players may have a favored bat or glove.”

“Ask almost any macOS fan, and they’ll tell you that Snow Leopard is their favorite version of all time,” Hackett writes. “There are a bunch of good reasons for that, beyond pure nostalgia.”

“Since 2009, a handful of releases have been compared to Snow Leopard. Since Apple’s move to an annual cycle, OS releases have become smaller and less important. None, I think, have truly earned the Snow Leopard badge until this year with High Sierra,” Hackett writes. “Time will tell if High Sierra joins Snow Leopard in the Hall of Fame, but I bet it will. A focus on polish and shoring up the foundations will always be welcome words to the Mac faithful.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For those who haven’t been partaking in betas, you’re really going o love macOS High Sierra!